.. okay what?


The new website is alive for! ^-^

You may be wondering how this is any different… well, aside from the obvious design change has now moved back to her original host and is now powered by WordPress! I have a couple reasons for making this big change…

  1. The webpage builder I was using from GoDaddy, no offence to GoDaddy but… it was too limited for what I needed. Also in order to get the features I wanted I was going to have to pay more for something that I could just get for free by doing a little bit more work and hosting my site on my own server. Essentially everything has gone back to the way it was¬†about 4 years ago¬†except for the fact that I will be using WordPress instead of FrontPage for building my website from now on. =]
  2. During my job hunt I have noticed that a lot of companies like to see WordPress experience if you’re looking for web development jobs. Not that I am any experienced web developer by any means, it’s much more of a hobby than anything else, but you never know what opportunity you may find… If nothing else, it’s a great skill to learn and have on my resume!

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