Some tweaks and new art~

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Hello once again, it’s time for another update! :D

I decided it was time to update the site’s layout. The old one just felt too “heavy”. I also got mixed reviews by people who tried to navigate it so I felt like this would be a simpler theme that could appeal to everybody.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter these pictures should look familiar to you… these are my latest sketches that I’ve done on my Galaxy Note 4. I’ve really taken a liking to using my phone for quick sketches on the go. ^^

So Yoshi has always been a favorite subject of mine… especially back in the days when the Yoshi online community was thriving and everybody had their own Yoshi OC… (yeah, I was one of those). So Chadtronic got a Yoshi-Goomba-Goonie combo for his birthday and everybody else got a quick Christmas Yoshi for well… yanno, Christmas. The trees? I like trees. ‘Nuff said.


All these have been added to the scraps section.

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