bluies-world.com is a personal art website for Sarah Evans (SarieBluie). My other aliases have been YoshiBluie, Bluiejoe plus a few others. You may remember me as the webmaster from The Nintendo Masters back in the late 90’s or even the webmaster of the whacky comic site The Magic Cheesewheel. Times have changed and so did the internet as personal websites for those sort of things have declined. However, I have always had my website existing in some form or another to keep my artwork online. I hope you enjoy looking through it!


I would like to mention a few online friends of mine that have helped me during my journeys across the interwebs…
(in order of when I met them)

Jeff Holmes (Mecha Sonic Blue)
Travis Wise (Hexx the Hedgehog)
Bevie Lee (Neo Thunder)
Brad Moore (Ice the Hedgehog)
Sarah K. (Dendrana/Dendy)
Jamie (Azreal)
Thomas Bison
Boudewijn Haak (Armrest)
Sergio (Serge the Hedgehog)
Nicky (Wolfen)
Robert Smith (Azlynn)