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Where have I been?

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while… ^_^”


New pic added. This was a gift art for my brother’s birthday this year. ^^ I started my new job as a school teacher so I haven’t had the free time that I was used to having before – but things are getting easier so hopefully I will have -some- time to do some more art soon.

Spring rain :)


Inspired by all the rain that we have been having here lately! This time I practiced using Illustrator for inking… looks sharp and professional looking compared to what I usually do! After inking was completed, I did some simple coloring with Photoshop.

Some tweaks and new art~

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Hello once again, it’s time for another update! :D

I decided it was time to update the site’s layout. The old one just felt too “heavy”. I also got mixed reviews by people who tried to navigate it so I felt like this would be a simpler theme that could appeal to everybody.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter these pictures should look familiar to you… these are my latest sketches that I’ve done on my Galaxy Note 4. I’ve really taken a liking to using my phone for quick sketches on the go. ^^

So Yoshi has always been a favorite subject of mine… especially back in the days when the Yoshi online community was thriving and everybody had their own Yoshi OC… (yeah, I was one of those). So Chadtronic got a Yoshi-Goomba-Goonie combo for his birthday and everybody else got a quick Christmas Yoshi for well… yanno, Christmas. The trees? I like trees. ‘Nuff said.


All these have been added to the scraps section.

New Commission – Corriander!


One of my good friends who commissions me a lot asked if I could draw him some more art…

…well initially the idea was to draw BOTH of his characters but that didn’t quite work out ^_^” so here is Corriander, the mountain lion! I really like this pose. It just seemed weird to throw the guy character in here since she is dancing and he’d probably just be standing awkwardly in the background anyways. :P

Fall is here!


It’s that time of the year again! <3

That’s right – I’m talking about Fall! My favorite season of the year. ^^ Just about when it starts to cool down here in Texas and people are preparing for the coming holidays. It’s been awhile since I’ve done some Sonic-themed art so I wanted to celebrate Fall with Tails! Time for a Pumpkin Spice Latte~

Don’t look behind you…

It’s not common that I do fan art for people… I usually just do pics for myself, my friends, or well known other IP. Well this time I decided I’d draw my favorite youtuber a pic!0015Chadtronic01

It’s Chadtronic! He does all kinds of videos on YouTube, most notable being his reaction videos. They’re hilarious!! :D The image will make more sense if you’ve watched his stuff already. :P Anyways, just thought I’d give him some advertisement. :B

Expect more art from me soon. ^_^




.. okay what?


The new website is alive for! ^-^

You may be wondering how this is any different… well, aside from the obvious design change has now moved back to her original host and is now powered by WordPress! I have a couple reasons for making this big change…

  1. The webpage builder I was using from GoDaddy, no offence to GoDaddy but… it was too limited for what I needed. Also in order to get the features I wanted I was going to have to pay more for something that I could just get for free by doing a little bit more work and hosting my site on my own server. Essentially everything has gone back to the way it was about 4 years ago except for the fact that I will be using WordPress instead of FrontPage for building my website from now on. =]
  2. During my job hunt I have noticed that a lot of companies like to see WordPress experience if you’re looking for web development jobs. Not that I am any experienced web developer by any means, it’s much more of a hobby than anything else, but you never know what opportunity you may find… If nothing else, it’s a great skill to learn and have on my resume!