1) How long have you been drawing? Where did you take art lessons?

Actually, I’ve never taken art lessons for cartooning (my best description of what I actually do). I did do some illustrating in a generic art class or two growing up and even a little bit in college, but that certainly wasn’t what helped me learn how to draw. I learned best from practicing at home and watching cartoons for inspiration. During my early teen years I practiced the most, averaging about an hour a day and about 5 completed pictures a week! I’ve definitely slowed down since then. As for how long I’ve been drawing, I’ve been drawing since I was about 3 years old but again I didn’t really start getting at it till I was about 12.

2) Do you take commissions?

Yes I do! You’ll need to shoot me a e-mail though first to check with my schedule. My prices are currently the following:

$25 – Compete drawing with digital coloring

$15 – Complete drawing without coloring, includes line art

$10 – A sketch done on paper or digital sketch, no line art

An extra $10 for each additional character added to the picture. For example, a complete drawing with digital coloring and two characters would be $35. This is also a case-by-case scenario and if you request in bulk I can give you a break in pricing. Also I can do sprites and avatars for a nominal fee.

3) What about art exchanges?

Yes I will do art trades on occasion, depending on how busy I am.